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What Does Our Centre Offer?

Here at Waggy Tales we offer a unique experience for both you and your furry friend. We pride ourselves on being the first of its kind in this area, but why are we different to other dog care services?

Unlike traditional services, which have become innately popular over the last few years, our day care centre has taken on the same fundamentals you would expect from a children's play centre or nursery. This means while you are at work, your dog is with us all day playing, meeting a variety of other dogs to play and socialise with as well as taking those all important naps too!


This is not only great exercise for your dog, but also provides excellent mental stimulation and aiding in socialisation with new people and new pooch pals but without overdoing it!

We pride ourselves on always having your dog's best interest at heart and will always work with you to help your dog wherever needed. This also means that we will also advise you on what type of sessions would best suit your dog depending on life stage, ability to cope with stimuli, emotional capability and medical implications as diagnosed by your vet. We do this to ensure the best for your dog, and that their individual health and welfare needs are met, protecting your dog from puppy to older adult.

To find out more information send us any queries to;, or via Facebook messenger and visit our "Typical Day" section or FAQ's for further details.

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Next steps -

New Customers

To ensure all of our dogs at WT can co-habit each have an initial assessed before being allowed to join our furry family, to ensure we can provide the best level of care. At first this might sound scary but one of our fab team will meet you at our site and go over the Waggy Tales assessment form you filled out. This process gives us an overall impression of your dog's temperament which will be aided by a short meet & greet with some of the doggies we have in for the day, during a time when they are calmer. This meeting is so we can get to know each other and also protects the dogs as we can only have new doggy friends join us if they are non aggressive; our top priority is to keep everyone here safe, dogs and staff alike.


After the check is complete you will be notified allowing you to then book on with us each week via this site, but stay on top of booking on as places go FAST!


Please visit our Behavior Consultation Page if you are wanting to join us and get started in the Behavior Consultation booking process, and see what we require before you book your consultation date.

If you are already part of our Waggy Tales Family and have completed your dogs behaviour assessment consultation, please book your next session through the Client booking page.

N.B. Your booking will be cancelled if you have not undertaken an assessment with us. 

Next steps -

Returning Customers


Waggy Tales is Fully Insured and Licensed with full 5 star rating from South Northamptonshire Council. License number: LN/202000167

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