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7:20 am

Staff members get out activities ready for the day and do a sweep of the yard for any dog fouling and clean up ready to receive doggy Mum's and Dad's. 

A Typical Day

Our typical daily runnings here at Waggy Tales


7:30am - 9.00 am

Drop off times for most full day doggy parents, with staff checking off the expected dogs on the online diary. There is a double gate/door system, which ensures that as each dog that enters the main building and dogs already inside cannot get back out ensuring a safe entry into the centre.

9:00am - 12.30 pm

All dogs are in for the day and enjoying the outdoor space, toys and apparatus while being monitored by carers. They are free to interact with each other at this time, while being guided by carers, which encourages good play behaviors, socialisation with other dogs of all types and sizes and learning how to deal with behavioral signals from their fellow dogs, giving them freedom to express themselves. At lunchtime some of our half day morning dogs will leave and afternoon dogs will begin arriving.

1:00pm - 3.00 pm

Dogs (especially our more senior doggies) are encouraged to be calmer in their play and take a nap where possible. Young puppies (less than 1 year) will be separated into a smaller section away from the main group so they can calm down and rest, as well as socialise with their own age group for a while as it can be hard for them to keep up with the older dogs.
Any half day morning dogs will now have gone home and afternoon dogs will have joined the group.

4.30pm - 5.30pm

All dogs into the main building to calm down ready for collection by parents. Calm play is encouraged in this building with sofas and chairs for the dogs to lie down on and enjoy, with lots of fuss and cuddles from our staff ready for home time.


With all our doggy friends gone home, staff tidy everything away from the day and clean up ready for the next day of fun!

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