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Waggy Tales - Policies

Below are our company's policies for reference so that owners can find them at any time for clarity. These are the policies all staff members uphold with all our clients making it fair for everyone, but also to protect our company due to having rules set out for our business in order to keep our license. 

Booking Daycare & Changes to Appontments

Wanting to book

Before booking any daycare sessions you must book and complete a behaviour assessment consultation, and this must be passed before making bookings

Cancelling Appts

There is no problem with cancellations and refunds, however this must be done or requested 24hrs before the appointment or we cannot cancel the session and you will not receive a refund. 

Requests can be made via email or a message through our Facebook page

Moving Appts

If your daycare booking needs to change to a different day, we encourage this rather than cancelling as it's needlessly swapping money around (and we get charged for transactions). Again, this needs to be requested at least 24hrs before the booking or we cannot make changes or give refunds

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Lateness or No-shows

Late turning up

If you are late dropping your dog off for their booked session, this is not problem at all. However you will still have to collect your dog at the booked end time as this is what was reserved for you

Late collection

If you are late at any time, for any reason by 15 minutes you will be charged our standard late fee. 

If you are late at any time, for any reason by 30 minutes+ you will be charged the upper late fee.

Please inform us with an email or Facebook message if you are going to be late so we aren't worrying about both you, and getting emergency collections for your dog


If you booked an appointment and you do not show up to the session, you will not get a refund as the slot another paying customer could have had for their dog was taken and we only have limited spaces available each day

Unneutered Dogs (Male & Female)

Unneutered Males

Currently all ages of unneutered males are allowed to attend WT. However, once any hormone driven behaviours such as humping, obsessiveness towards other dogs or aggression are seen, owners will be notified. Dogs will then take a break until they are neutered, chemically castrated (implant) or possibly when 24 months or older if calmer and no aggression seen in adolescence. If neutered or chemically castrated, after 5-6weeks they can come back but must book a mini play for the first session back to see how they get on after 

Unneutered Females

Unneutered females are allowed at the centre. If you suspect your dog may be soon coming into season or are in season, your bitch will not be able to attend daycare. Bitches in heat are fertile when bleeding (at the start of the season) and can continue 7-14 days, bitches must stay off daycare for the period of bleeding, then another 3 weeks after bleeding has stopped

Phantom Pregnancy

If your dog is going through a suspected phantom pregnancy after her season get your vets advise on what to do to help her. These are often very traumatic for them as they literally go through a grieving process that affects them both physically and mentally. Your dog will need to stay off daycare for around 3-4 weeks or until symptoms are gone as being thrown back into a group of other dogs too quickly can have a negative effect on a dog having been through a phantom pregnancy

Dog Health and Care

Vaccinations - Regular

When your dog has their yearly booster vaccinations done, it is your responsibility to send us a photo via email or social media message of the newly updated vaccination record, or payment receipt if it lists the vaccinations given, otherwise your dog could be refused entry. 

Vaccinations - Kennel Cough

When Kennel Cough boosters are given each year, your dog MUST stay off daycare 7 days after the vaccination was given as it is a live vaccine so can affect other dogs at daycare. This, like the regular boosters needs doing every year or you may be refused entry, and we require you to send us a photo of your updated records

Flea, Tick &

If the brand you use is a spot-on type treatment, please ensure this is given after daycare, not on the day of a session or if you have a session booked the following day. This stops the risk of other dogs ingesting the toxic liquid while playing with your dog. 

If your treatment is a tablet, this is absolutely fine to give at any time, but be aware if it causes diarrhoea then bringing your dog to daycare

General Rules at the Centre


Watch your speed down the track from the Hobby fish car park to our car park! The speed limit is sign posted at 5mph. There are people living on site near Hobby fish and they get dust or mud kicked up into their home if people drive too fast, weather you are late or not, please be respectful


There is no smoking near any of the Waggy Tales or Ruff to puff buildings for fire safety reasons. Please refrain from smoking on the premises while dropping off or collecting your dog

Distracting Grooming

If you have a question about grooming and Robyn is free with no dog on the table, please feel free to do so, otherwise send her an email and she will gladly respond to any queries. Please do not let your dog wonder into the salon if you don't have an appointment, look through the windows or distract dogs being groomed, they could be having a delicate area such as the face being trimmed and become a potential hazard


From all of us

Thank You!

We hope you can understand our need for such policies within our company, to protect ourselves, our lisence, make sure everything runs smoothly day to day at our centre. That way we will be here for you for years to come and to remain the place where your best pal can go to have the best day ever with their other dog friends! 

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