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First Steps to Booking Your Dogs Behavior Assessment 


Ensure your dog has had the Kennel Cough Vaccination done already - this will either show as "Versican Plus BB or Virbac KC" on your dogs vaccination record. This is compulsory to have done before a Behavior Assessment Consultation can be booked!



Complete the Behavior Assessment Form by following this link:

Behaviour Form 

Continue for next steps......


What to do Next....

Once all steps above have been completed, you can then book your own slot for your dogs Behaviour Assessment Consultation. 

There are two times available Tuesdays to Fridays one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


These slots are available either side of lunchtime to ensure that there are suitable stooge dogs available for us to carry out your dog's consultation with and also to avoid our busiest midday cross over for half day dogs.

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