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Dog Sitting Services - Overnight

This service is provided by individual staff members here at Waggy Tales, so is arranged not on the booking system like our daycare but instead send us an email or social media message about your requirements and dates, so we can see which member of staff is free to carry out your sitting request.

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What's Included?

Prices and Additional Extras

Our standard flat rates for each 24hr period and all other additional extras you can request to make your pets sitting experience fully customisable and just right for their unique needs while you're away

Flat Rate each night

£40 per 24hr period we are looking after your dog, priced up to 2 dogs. for 3+ dogs in the household each will be £15 extra

(Includes one 30min walk)

Flat Rate for WT or R2P Customers

£35 per 24hr period we are looking after your dog, priced

up to 2 dogs. for 3+ dogs in the household each will be £10 extra

(Includes one 30min walk)

Extra 30 min walk

Add on another 30 min dog walk to their day for only £8

1 hour walk

Add on a second walk for 1 hour in their day to really get some energy and fun out for £13

Walk Upgrade

30 min dog walk included not long enough for your dog? Have no fear, for just £5 you can upgrade the inclusive 30 min walk to a full 1 hour walk instead!

Taxi For a Groom

Your pet sitter can taxi your dog to and from their booked grooming appointment, so no need to miss out on your slot for only £8

(If your grooming appointment is with Ruff to Puff this service is free!)

Other Pets

We aren't just here for your dogs! If your house is a multipet household have no fear we can cater for all your furry friends for just £8 each pairing


(Or if you only have 1 additional pet this price still applies)

Home from Home

Any extras for in the home such as lights being left on, plants being watered, bins put out, curtains drawn and open etc, all for routine and homes security - all free and inclusive!

How It Works

We have 3 members of staff offering sitting services. They run their own diary, accepting sits they are able to do based on the dates requested by owners, meaning there will be limitations to how many each take through the year, so don't delay! 

All you need to do is simply send us an email or social media message with your rough location, dogs name, breed, other pets and your dates requested. That's it to get the ball rolling! 

You will get a reply during our normal working hours (Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm) from whichever staff member is available for requested dates, they will organise a consultation with you at your home to go over your details, your pets' details and needs for the sit. There will be a 30-40min walk booked (for free) where your dog and the member of staff organising your pet sit, will get to know each other before the official dates you're away - usually after the consultation.

Please be aware that the sitters will still be doing their day jobs at the daycare centre as dog carers, so there are periods where they will be out of the house, they will ensure your dog has plenty of fun stuff to do in the meantime, or why not get your dog in for a behaviour assessment at daycare too, and they can come to work with the sitter for some playtime and fun?!

Policies for our pet sits;

  • After the consultation and walk are complete you are then required to pay a 15% deposit of your total payable amount, this secures your dates requested and officially gets your sit booked into their diary. 

  • If you need to cancel your holiday/pet sit you will receive this deposit back up to 14 days before the start date booked, otherwise you lose the deposit.

  • The full amount needs to be paid by 3 days prior to your start date of the pet sit so everything is settled before you go away.


Full details on rules and policies will be discussed in the consultation and must be signed as part of the terms and conditions before dates can be secured.

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What About Daycare?

If your dog is already a daycare user, they can still attend daycare while you are away for half or full days, they just need to be organised with your pet sitter to work around their shifts, making it simple for your dog to be brought to and from daycare. This must be booked the normal way via the booking system on this website and is not part of the pet sitting price, this can be fully discussed during your consultation with the staff member. 

If your dog currently doesn't use our daycare but you'd like them to, please visit out behaviour assessment area for details on how to join, and this must be done at least a month before you plan to go away so your dog has time to get used to daycare life.

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