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Dogs with trainer

Apprenticeship - Grooming

We have a new opportunity to earn as you learn with an apprenticeship at our canine care business in Old Stratford.

As part of the Waggy Tales dog day care centre we have our own purpose built Dog Grooming salon.

We are looking to employ a new apprentice student for a Level 2 dog grooming qualification. This is a very physically demanding position but one which offers great rewards for the right person. Our facility provides a unique working environment in the South Northamptonshire countryside working with all breeds of dogs.

A dog groomer requires a high level of confidence, good communication skills with a strong understanding of dog behaviour and along with this comes a high level of responsibility. You will need to be reliable, hardworking with excellent time management skills, with the ability to discuss with clients their requirements. Along with being creative, patient, tolerant with good presentation skills. We have very high standards and as such are looking for a special dog loving person to provide the very best care for the dog and rewarding experience for the customer to fulfil this role.

Applicants are required to be fit and active, able to use their initiative as well as take direction and follow instructions, strive for excellence along with being passionate about the care, needs and welfare of dogs.

The CAW course will be one day a week spent on line, no college attendance required.

The course will consist of the following modules:-

  • Prepare dogs for grooming

  • Bathe dogs

  • Dry dogs for styling

  • Trim and prepare dogs for styling

  • Moving and lifting dogs around the salon

  • Cleaning the grooming environment

  • Professional practice

  • Breed characteristics and behaviour

 Four days a week will be spent in the salon receiving hands on tuition from our Level 3 trained Groomer and will support your academic course by concentrating upon the key modules.

For more details follow this link:  Grooming Apprenticeship 

Please send your interest to;

Opportunity for Students

If you are studying an animal related Level 3 course or Diploma at colleges such as Moulton or Shuttleworth, and are looking for an opportunity to use and further your animal knowledge, then Waggy Tales is looking for you.
We need bright, enthusiastic, fit, energetic students to study with us to gain animal handling knowledge as part of the college Work Experience program at Waggy Tales. The role will be as a Dog Day Care assistant training with the team to gain the disciplines and learning the skills that are required to attain the high level of care and welfare provided to all of the dogs in our centre.
Through the duration of your time with us you will be practicing and developing these skills to end up proficient at looking after the dogs in any of our many play areas. If this sounds like it might be just what you’re looking for please send a written request to participate,
a CV would be ideal, and a covering letter to the email address below and we will send you the full Work Placement proposal. 
(Placements not currently offered to school students or anyone
under 16)

Please send your interest to;

Dogs with trainer
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