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De-sheds; What's the hype around this treatment?

Everyone has heard of the term shedding when it comes to animals from bunnies up to horses alike. Fewer people have heard of deshedding, and how this can not only help your dogs but also help your vacuum and even alleviate some allergies.

So what does deshedding involve in the groomers?

We firstly give a good onceover with our deshedding brushes and combs to get a good amount of the hair out and start airing the coat where the dead hair has now gone.

Next your pooch will enjoy a wash with our fantastic smelling shampoo, and a brush with a special rubber brush that removes dead hairs with ease.

After a rinse your dog will enjoy a light massage while we work conditioner into the coat to get the hair nice and soft and nourish the skin now the dead hair & dander (dead skin!) has been removed.

Then it's time for blast drier number 1! This dryer rather like your hairdryer at home pushes out air to dry the coat, but its a much higher velocity to really get right down to the skin. This is first done still in the bath as the water is literally blasted out of the coat, starting the drying process but also removing more dead hair as the coat dries.

We then move over to our grooming table for the second blast dry. This one also uses high velocity air to get deep into the coat but is warm air like your hair drier at home (not so hot though!). This type of drier really gets down to the skin to make sure the coat fully dries; ever noticed after your towel dry your dog they still have that wet doggy smell? That is because the coat wasn't dried to skin level and was still moist! So we again blast the hair but this time until the dog is dry. and this gets even MORE hair out! By now the grooming salon looks like a yeti exploded, but your dog is now feeling cooler, lighter, more comfortable and fresh, just like us after a good hair restyle ready for the Summer!

What Breeds can Benefit from a de-shedding grooming treatment?

Most breeds can benefit from a deshed, from shorter coats like Labradors, Frenchie's and Vizslas up to our hairier pooches like Corgis, Retrievers, Leonbergers. Only the more curly coated breeds would we advise a different type of groom such as poodles and poodle crosses, as these breeds shed their hair very differently and it grows at a much faster rate. We are looking into a new de-shedding grooming product, dog spa mud, which helps get even more hair out, nourishes the skin and leaves the hair so so soft! We are trailing it in the Salon and will share soon if this might become a new salon option, so keep a look out on our socials!

We have a number of grooming tools to help with coat care on our brand new Etsy selling page which you can find on the "shop! area of this website! The grooming products listed are all tried and recommended by us, so you can get everything you need for grooming upkeep at home!

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