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Doggy Daycare Personalities

We get so many different breeds which of course have certain traits depending on their jobs in which they were bred for originally, but as we all know each dog is certainly different in their own right too! Just like us, each dog has a different personality, traits, funny sides, naughty streaks, and what makes them an individual. Here we go through some of the common personalities we see at daycare and how we tailor daycare to these characters, how many do you see in your dogs?

The Pup - Full of life, energy for days and everything is new!

With these dogs we often limit daycare sessions to be shorter, limiting over stimulation, becoming too tired, not flooding them with too many experiences at once and looking after young growing bodies. Dogs with these traits but aren't pups we might do longer sessions but with lots of breaks during their stay.

The Daydreamer - Everything everywhere is amazing making for a short attention span!

These doggy personalities can be very chilled and happy to let their minds wander, or they can need much more work to keep focused - treats are king!

The Mad One - Full to the brim with energy, either on or off with little in between, some can even influence the energy of others in their presence!

With these dogs we try to restrict too much play where they start to become over the top, distractions with toys can be useful as can brain games or treat based foraging games to occupy their busy brains.

The OAP - Not necessarily and old dog, but definitely in spirit choosing to live the chilled life, often seen indoors on a comfy sofa!

These dogs we love to join for cuddles, but do encourage some exercise and at least a few wonders around the centre between naps.

The Toddler - Can be known to throw tantrums and like to get their own way by any means necessary!

With these dog personalities we try to keep them busy and if they become fixated on something that if denied could lead to a tantrum, we use various distraction techniques. Often recommended shorter sessions as they can tire easily.

The Full Back - Frequently seen using fancy footwork to evade capture.

Bribery is king here, but the best players know when we are trying to trick them, working on recall or other tactics at home are recommended here.

The Tease - These pooches are usually stealing anything and everything from others, or getting everyone else railed up at naptime!

With these doggys we are hypervigilant when they are in thief mode or pestering at naptime as this can lead to tensions with the others, so distractions, limiting range (crated, on lead or cuddles), & work on the behaviours at home.

The Vocalist - Likes being loudest at daycare even if there's no competition!

Here we endeavour to find the source of the vocalisation and work at the root of the cause, be it distraction, mental stimulation or breaks.

The Taste Tester - You'll find them round staff at lunchtimes, no crinkle goes unnoticed or they are first in line at treat time!

We don't mind having our lunchtime buddies, but they certainly don't get any titbits from us, no sharing here!

The Tennis or Football pro - Not more than a foot away from a ball.....ever!

There is a balance we need to watch for here between their favourite game being ball related, or pure obsession (which training will be recommended). These pups we will be careful not to do too much play with rest encouraged in between or another task such as mental stimulation for a break, so they don't get exhausted and look after them physically.

The Shy Kid - They are unsure of the world around them and making friends

These dogs we like to take things slow, often with short sessions then building

them up over time, at their pace. Lots of love and encouragement while they are with us, with slow exposure to new experiences and lots of positive

reinforcement so they know they are doing awesome!

With all different dog personalities, and there being far more than we have listed here, we can recognise the needs of each dog on an individual basis while they are with us.

We have lots of tools in our box to try and ensure all our dogs each day are in harmony and enjoying their sessions as individuals but also together too. Trying different games, toys, mental stimulation games, different areas in the centre, breaks to calm down or rest, and occasionally we will also recommend homework for owners to work on certain things to help their dogs at daycare and fitting in, or seek advise from local recommended trainer's/behaviourists for focused advise from professionals.

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