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Grooming - It Benefits Everyone!

Gone are the days where grooming is only for show dogs, specific breeds or just special occasion. Nowadays grooming is much more widely accepted for generalised care, just like our own hygiene routines, we now know it’s just as important for our canine friends too.

It’s so important to get young dogs or puppies used to grooming early on in their lives so they have the tools to be able to cope when full grooms, baths or anything else is needed later on. Like with our puppy package, it’s important to introduce the process slowly, firstly just getting used to the salon and groomer, then equipment used regularly such as clippers, shower, dryers, finally a first bath will be given. Along with packages such as this it’s important at home to get dogs used to simple things like touching paws, brushing, general handlining, which will make their experience a lot less alien when the time comes.

Grooming is important for any breed, age or cost type. Whilst some breeds like Labs, Frenchies, Staffies etc don’t need high maintenance with trims, it’s important to get them bathed to get rid of dirt, bacteria, smells, dander, old hair and other trapped nasties. It’s important for dogs to have their ears cleaned to prevent built up of gunk and dirt, nails trimmed to make walking comfortable, hygiene area kept clean and infection free.

For our breeds with extra skin or facial folds it’s really crucial to keep between the folds clean as bacteria can build up causing irritations or skin infections. This can be done at home with daily or weekly specialised wipes, or at your grooming appointment.

Our double coated fluffy breeds like Huskies, Corgi’s, Japanese Spitz, Samoyed, need professionally grooming to ensure their coats are completely dried through all layers, otherwise dampness can cause bacteria and that “damp dog” smell. Blast dryers at the salon also help get out all that moulting trapped hair, or for coats that are in full moult a deshedding appointment is perfect!

Of course there are then our breeds which can have styles created for breed standard looks or even fun styles! The most well known of which are our Poodles, Poodle crosses, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Spaniels. Grooming benefits any age, breed or lifestyle of dog, with many health benefits but also grooming provides a social experience in a relaxing setting suitable for any budget.

If your pooch is in need of a bath, freshen up, small trim, ear clean, pawdicure or even one of our full Monty options of full grooms or deshedding, head to our simple to use online booking system on this site.

If you need any advice first before booking please feel free to contact us on Facebook or via our email:

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