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Pawdicures - Let's Talk Toes!

We all know that it's good to keep on top of our dogs claws right from when you

have a new pup with those needle claws all the way up to our oldies that can wear them down as naturally anymore, but what is nail and foot care really all about?

It’s so important to get young dogs or puppies used to having their feet touched and picked up for nail trims and even treatments at the vets. This can be practised everyday at home with treats to reward behaviour as well as in a salon environment with our puppy package. It’s really important to introduce the process slowly, and use lots of tasty treats.

So what is the actual anatomy behind those claws that like to dig up your garden?

You have two main elements that make up your dogs claws, the nail itself made of Keratin just like ours, and the Kwik, which is the blood supply to the nail. These can be trimmed every few weeks at home, ensuring you don't cut to close to the Kwik as this is painful and will cause bleeding. Or at the salon you can pre book nail appointments with us using or online system, or you can send us a message and we can see if there is space available that week.

If your dog has particularly long nails or fast growing like puppies do, then more regular trims will be needed where only small amounts will be taken off each time, causing the Kwik to slowly recede back, until the nails are at a healthy length. In both instances you will also find walking on pavements useful to keep the nails shorter and to round the freshly cut nails off, or your can use a nail file if your dog allows for the same effect.

Another method of keeping nail length down is to train your dog to accept a dremel tool, basically and electric nail file. This will need introducing very slowly with lots of treats over a period of weeks as it does make noise and your dog needs to be happy with their nail going into the groove where the rotating sanding end is. We offer dremling as a service at the salon if your dogs prefer it to cutting with clippers, or you want that polished look after cutting them first.

It's not just about the claws! What about those beautiful toe-beans?! Your dogs paw pads are sensitive and used a big portion of their day on a wide variety of surfaces and weather conditions. Just like we enjoy a good foot soak or foot rub, our dogs enjoy a nice helping of paw balm massaged into those lovely pads.

Our Paw (and nose) balm is handmade by us with no nasties, just natural ingredients making your dogs dry, cracked, or tired paws soft and protected, if you love it as much as we do you can even buy it in the salon or on our website shop!

Get your dogs paw care booked with us today! Either pop to the grooming section of our website and book your own appointment slot where the next ones are available, or send a Facebook message or email to:

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