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Summer Lovin' - how to care for dogs in extreme heat

It's that time of year when the sun is out and it's getting pretty hot outside, so what do we do to help or daycare dogs when they come in to play on hot days?


We regularly check the temperature both outdoors and on the astro areas to ensure we don't get any burnt toe-beans. If the astro areas get too hot in the sun we either close the most exposed section off until cooled, or we set up our sprinklers to instantly cool the astro down. Plus our dogs love diving in and out of the sprinklers!

We have either parasols set up to add more shade or our square gazebo with open sides to add shade but allow maximum air flow.

We have a big marquee that's up all year round over half of our astro turfed area for constant protection from all weathers. In Summer, the sides are off to allow air flow, and it provides instant cool relief compared to being out in the sun.

Dogs are encouraged into the shade by placing duvets and beds in these areas so they are naturally drawn there to rest. Staff also watch each dog to make sure no dog spends too long in the sun, especially as some of our dogs in particular are sun-babies, so they need extra encouragement to cool off.


There are 3+ water bowls stationed at each section of the centre including in the building. These are refreshed every few hours to keep them fresh but also ensure they don't get to warm in the heat. They are placed in shaded areas to keep the water cooler, but also allow dogs to lay near the water supply without being forced to go into the sun if they wish to avoid exposure.

The indoor area has windows and doors open to allow air flow, and we carefully use fans to bring the cool air in and expel the hot air out.

Cool mats are used in our shaded areas to allow dogs to chose to cool themselves if they feel their body temperature is getting to hot. Often owners are surprised their dogs will use cool mats at the centre but not at home! We place these both on the floor in shade, and on our indoor/outdoor sofas so dogs can choose to use them in an area they feel most comfortable using.

Some owners have cooling vests for their dogs which they bring to the centre for their dog to use while with us on hot days. These work by being dunked into water and they create a cool layer on the dogs fur which lasts an hour or so at a time, and we refresh these for them.

Staff closely monitor our dogs in super hot conditions to make sure they show no signs of discomfort or issues that could cause them to become unwell. If we feel any individuals need to go home for safety we will contact owners immediately.

Remember to stay vigilant of your dog, especially the very young, older dogs, dogs prone to respiratory issues and overweight dogs as they are most at risk, missing a few walks wont be an issue for your dog, but the effects from heatstroke will be. Consult your vet if you are ever worried about your pet.

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